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Our Skills
  • 38 years' experience in aeronautics and IT

  • Experts in application design for civil and military aeronautics, airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, flight simulators

  • Innovators in cutting-edge technology

  • Quick to analyze and implement new operator requirements

  • Assisting our customers with audits and rapid implementation of new constraints imposed by regulatory authorities

Key faces
Véronique Giachin, CEO & Founder

Julien, Product Manager

Véronique, a programmer analyst, developed and marketed the first version of her dedicated aeronautical software in 1985. Today, she can draw on 38 years of experience in the IT and aeronautics fields, providing her customers and her team with vision and inspiration.

Julien, aeronautical expert. Always listening to customers, his role is to present our technical team with their expectations and define the specifications in order to best respond to the various Lacoon developments.

Younesse, CTO

Younesse is always on the lookout for new technologies, which enables us to be innovative and offer one of the best MIS on the world market today. 

The technology is chosen to respond rapidly to operators' needs and has enabled us to be certified by manufacturers Airbus and Safran in record time

Hocine, Lead Developer

With two decades' experience in Web and Java development, and recognised expertise in data integration, Hocine is at the forefront of technological innovation. His know-how enables him not only to integrate data from a variety of competing software seamlessly and efficiently, but also to anticipate market needs and offer tailor-made solutions. This ability to harmonise data flows from different sources gives its achievements unrivalled added value, validated by industry leaders such as Airbus and Safran. Always striving for excellence, Hocine remains at the forefront of innovation, ready to take on the most complex data integration challenges.

Notre équipe
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